Sasha's Story

Welcome to Sasha’s Fine Foods. I hope you will enjoy our beautiful products - carefully sourced from suppliers I trust.

What our Customers Say

"I just want to take a moment to express my gratitude for the quick, nimble and friendly way you guys handled by order! I had a case of baby brain, under-ordered and emailed the SFF team who got back to me very quickly and made the add-on adjustments. The additional burger patties and sausages arrived and were greatly enjoyed by our guests at the BBQ who had previously never heard of SFF (and how they have!). Your delivery man was also incredibly polite and lovely! My husband and I are so taken by the service, we're committed to spreading the good word about both the brand and its great produce!"
Vanessa B., September 2018
"Thank you for my order and for being so helpful over the phone when I was confirming timings. May I also say how cool it is that you have your drivers check the orders and deliver without any extra packaging, so I don’t have to worry about unpacking a million bags."
Anastasia P, March 2019
"The NZ Salmon was absolutely stunning, so much better than anything you get from Cold Storage or generally, what you find in shops in Singapore. I cooked it very simply, on a pan for 2/3 minutes then put in the oven for another 7 to 8 minutes and that was it! Really tasty with a yet, so simple recipe. I can't wait to try the organic beef I ordered and the NZ Blue Cod!!"
Theo L., September 2018
"I just wanted to say, thank you for supplying us with great food during our time in Singapore. An extra big thank you to our lovely delivery guy, who always came with a smile and a kind word."
Stacey G., November 2018
"Thank you!! you guys are the best!!! Just moved to you guys from another butcher/grocer and it has been SUCH a good experience!!!"
Tarana S., April 2019
""Thank you!! you guys are the best!!! Just moved to you guys from another butcher/grocer and it has been SUCH a good experience!!!""
Tarana, April 2019
""Just wanted to give you some feedback and let you know that the new $100 for free delivery is working really well for me. I can order more regularly and don’t have to plan so far ahead. I also don’t have a very large freezer so makes much more practical sense”."
Sarah, April 2019
"I recently purchased some pies and wanted to write in and let you know how much I enjoyed it. Reason being I am allergic to processed and fermented food. A lot of chicken pies out there use packaged chicken stock and I almost always react to these chicken pies. I have to say I was waiting for something to happen when I ate the black pepper chicken pie but nothing happened! [...]"
Jessie L., March 2019
"Keep up the good work! :-) We love your products and it is so important to us to have ethically sourced food of amazing quality on the table. We are mainly Singaporeans but if we go for meat and fish we source it from you 99% of the time."
Our customer #5