Hello to Cone Bay Ocean Barramundi!

Hello to Cone Bay Ocean Barramundi!
I'm thrilled to announce the first of several new additions to our seafood range. Straight from the pristine shores of Western Australia, we are now offering Cone Bay Ocean Barramundi - two skin-on fillets (total 250g). I believe this is the best barraumdi in the world and all it needs is a sizzling pan and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice!

"....Way up north where the tides rage, Cone Bay Barra swim against the massive tides from inside their sea pens. They are perhaps the fittest fish on earth, which is why their fat – and fat is what barramundi flavour is all about – is spread evenly throughout the body.  Then there’s the clean, briny flavour and clear opaque flesh: a consequence of a life lived in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean north of Derby… It’s the best barra I’ve eaten..”

Rob Broadfield, Food editor, The West Australian

High praise from one of Australia's leading food writers. Cone Bay Barramundi is a flavour-packed fish and a delight to cook with, even just simply pan fried to achieve a crispy skin. It's why this fish is sometimes referred to as "the pork belly of the sea". Its versatility lends itself to all forms of cooking and Cone Bay Barramundi is often served raw in many of the top Japanese restaurants in Singapore. Doesn't get much better than that, but if you'd like to read more, take a look at what The Australian has to say as it interviews leading chefs like Matt Moran about why he loves this particular fish so much.

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