Conscious Craves Giddy-Up Granola, "...hands-down, the best granola I've ever tasted, anywhere..."

"Sasha, I have fallen big-time for Conscious Craves. Hands down, the best granola I've ever tasted. And those chocolate macaroons ... I've hoped to find these exact products for years, and now I'm hooked. Thanks for bringing these great items to Singapore..."

High praise from one of our favourite but most demanding customers! We received her email last week and, regardless of my commercial bias, I really couldn't agree more.  

Many of you have also fallen in love with the gorgeous range of products from the Conscious Craves surfing duo - Kylie Meeks and Claire Bevilacqua from Margaret River.  They've got the most straight-forward food philosophy, which is to feed people simple nutrition through pure, live and fresh food.  

My two favourite products are the Giddy-Up Granola, which is my go-to for breakfast (needs nothing other than a dollop of yoghurt) and their Crazy Kale Chips. Both are made by dehydration, which preserves all the nutrients and intensifies the flavours. When the mid-afternoon sugar lull creeps up, I call on their Choco-Pop Snackaroons, which are a brilliant replacement for the short-lived hit of chocolate (I admit, my one true love!).

Their entire range is made without refined sugars, preservatives or artificial additives, and are perfect for paleo, vegan, dairy-free foodies who still want full flavours and products that taste brilliant. Locally sourced grains, fruits, kale, nuts and honey with as many organic products as possible are used.

Kylie and Claire have brought healthy snack foods to a whole new level, and I'm thrilled that so many customers have fallen for the range as much as I have. 

Here's a little bit more about founder Kylie Meeks who radiates health, strength and energy, which is exactly what she wants her products to bring to our customers.  

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