Sustainably Caught Devon Crab Claws

Sustainably Caught Devon Crab Claws

All the way from the beautiful coast of South West England, I'm delighted to add The Blue Seafood Company Crab Claws to our expanding seafood range.

Crab claws are one of those perfect foods - extremely easy and versatile to cook, highly nutritious and kind on the environment. It just doesn't get any better than a plate of claws, simple warmed in butter and garlic with a squeeze of lemon. I love to toss the warmed claws in a bowl of linguini, and between the fork, spoon and my fingers just dive in.  

Due to the clean rich waters off the South Devon coast, this crab is the sweetest tasting crab on the market; so easy to cook, with a knob of salted butter and some garlic warmed in a pan and the claws tossed in once everything is melted. I like to serve these for the kids tossed in linguine for a more substantial meal.  

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) considers this South Devon crab to be the most sustainable source of brown crab. The Blue Seafood Company is recognised by the MCS and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) as stewards in sustainable crab fishing, which makes me love these guys even more: from their level of care in every aspect of when and how they fish right through the entire production chain. This is responsible fishing in action, and I'm delighted to support them here in Singapore..

All the crabs are caught using pots that are laid on the seabed in strings. This is a selective and passive form of fishing that causes no damage to the marine environment. Very importantly, the crab is alive when bought to the surface so any crab which is undersize, damaged, showing eggs or has recently shed its shell will be returned to the sea alive allowing them to grow and breed again.  

Take a look at our ready-cooked crab claws here.

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