Gluten-free bread and cake!

Gluten-free bread and cake!

I am really excited about this new range of Gluten Free (GF) products, all made here in Singapore. A lovely friend and customer introduced me to the amazing owner, a Singaporean lady who has poured her heart and soul into producing this incredible range of GF products. I do not have any issues with gluten myself but I know plenty of people who do and it’s no joke for them to find great tasting products that are not full of nasties. The contents of these products will really impress you; not an E number or ingredient you can’t pronounce in sight.

Free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar, all the products I have tried so far are exceptional: moist (really), packed full of flavour and a lovely light texture. The Signature Dark Chocolate Cake is delicious and the zucchini banana bread was a surprising hit for my whole family (including my visiting father who has probably never knowingly eaten a GF product in his life, let alone one with zucchini in it!)

The range also includes high protein and high fibre bread rolls which are surprisingly springy and absolutely perfect for sandwiches and snacks.

It seems fitting to be launching a small range of teas with these cakes. All made from whole leaf teas, whole herbs and whole flowers, these teas have been created carefully to develop and enhance their natural flavours. My favourite by far is the Earl Grey & Cucumber. It is exquisite ☕️


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