Interested In Locally Hand-Made, 100% Natural Kefir ?

Interested In Locally Hand-Made, 100% Natural Kefir ?
I appreciate that many of our customers have a growing interest in digestive and immune health and it can be difficult in Singapore to find supportive, high quality products.  I have been surprised and very happy to see that our Foley's Sauerkraut and Kim Chi has been so well received, so I've been looking to source other suppliers who might add to our range of gut-healthy products.

I met last week with the lovely Ive Upatkoon, one of the owners of
Little Miss Kefir on Amoy Street, and we discussed the possibility of Sasha's Fine Foods stocking a small, weekly supply of her beautiful kefir - it's 100% natural made with top quality milk and fermented by hand in small batches with authentic live kefir grains.   

As kefir is a 'live' product with a relatively short shelf life, I thought I would ask some customers if this is a something that would be of interest, and if so, is it something you would consider buying as part of your regular shopping at Sasha's Fine Foods.  If there is a demand, I am very happy to look at bringing it to you regularly.

I would hugely appreciate your feedback, a simple yes or no would be great along with an idea of how often and in what quantity you would be interested in purchasing it.   Just click here and let me know what you think.  Feel free to add if there are any other specific products you'd like me to look at too.

I'll update you with more information shortly.

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