Introducing Chestnut Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Chestnut Grove Verjuice

Introducing Chestnut Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Chestnut Grove Verjuice

During my Easter sourcing trip to Australia, I had the pleasure of visiting Chestnut Grove, a family owned vineyard in Manjimup, Western Australia, which also produces premium Chestnut Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  This beautiful property boasts olive trees that are over half a century old, providing magnificent shelter for their vineyard. Handpicked and cold pressed, this stunning 100ml oil captures the pure essence of the variety and brings perfect spice and flavour into gorgeous balance.  

I sampled this olive oil with the best bread I've ever tasted straight out the family kitchen's oven, along with olives from the groves and a glass of their stunning Verjuice.  More wonderful family crafted artisan products for us to enjoy in Singapore.

The Chestnut Grove Verjuice (750ml) is simply every foodie's secret weapon - it's un-fermented juice pressed from unripened wine grapes and has been used as an ingredient in cooking throughout Europe and the Middle East dating back generation.  It's an amazing ingredient to use adding richness and subtle flavour to any recipes: it's used by foodies and chefs around the world to de-glaze the pan in vegetable and meat dishes, building flavours for sauces, braises and reductions or for poaching seasonal fruits. 

It can also be combined with Chestnut Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil to add a new dimension to salad dressings. 

I've been using it as a simple spritzer, adding some sparking water with a few ice cubes and I have to say, it's one of the most refreshing things I've ever tasted.   

Verjuice is a real foodie's product - anyone who loves to cook, be that a chef or a home cook will absolutely adore this product.  Visit Foodlovers NZ for some brilliant inspiration on 10 ideas for using Verjuice in your kitchen.

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