Noosa Seafood Market, Australia

Noosa Seafood Market, Australia

From the East coast of Australia, just north of Brisbane, I am delighted to bring you a range of beautiful new products. Noosa Seafood Market provides convenient, fast and easy meal solutions using the highest quality and sustainably caught Australian seafood. Chef Andre and his family work with local fisherman to bring in the freshest, wild-caught Australian seafood. They know where it is from and how it was fished, caught or grown. 

Noosa Seafood Market care deeply about the ocean and the sustainability of Australia’s fisheries and all of their seafood is sourced from fisheries that are carefully managed by the Australian Government for ecological sustainability. The Australian Fisheries Research and Development Corporation describe all of the seafood species that Noosa Seafood Market provides as sustainable. Noosa has a focus on sustainable local varieties and a policy of using as much of their catch as possible.

Andre's fishmongers are craftsmen and the art of filleting the fish has been perfected over many years. They freeze their catch in a way that retains its perfect texture and taste and put it into easy to manage packs for your convenient use at home. Everything they do is hand-made and packed by their local team in Noosa. 

I spent a wonderful day with Andre in Noosa, meeting his team and learning all about their operation. It was heartwarming to hear about the local fishermen they work with; those fishermen that really care about the ocean’s stock and fishing in a truly responsible way. Andre and I shared many ideas for future products and how we can work together to ensure Andre uses the whole fish, from head to tail, by creating some wonderfully tasty products using some of the less popular cuts. We are also looking at some of the less popular species which are absolutely delicious but often remain unsold as they are not so well know. 
The Risotto cakes, Thai fish cakes and Snapper burgers are a wonderful start but watch this space, we have some wonderful new products coming…

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