Pre-order Turkeys and Fresh Hams for Thanksgiving 🦃🍖

Many of you will be very pleased to hear that we will once again be selling a range of exquisite products for Christmas. We have earned an enviable reputation for the best turkeys and hams in Singapore, and I'm thrilled to confirm that, once again, we will be the only retailer here selling the famous and fabulous Kelly Bronze Free-Range Turkeys from England.

Because Kelly's don't mass-produce turkeys, we will have a limited supply of these popular birds. I know many of you were disappointed when we sold out early last year, so I encourage you to pre-order your turkey as soon as possible to guarantee your bird! 

Most of the farms I had previously visited left much to be desired in terms of animal welfare, feed, and space, but I knew I'd hit the jackpot when I visited Kelly's farm in Essex. The turkeys have very happy lives indeed, living exactly as nature intended. They are fed on a natural diet, free of all nasty additives, and each turkey is slow grown in wild woodlands, where they can forage freely for grubs, berries, and nettles (their favourite treat). They’re dry plucked by hand at a mature age, then carefully hung in a cool larder for 14 days. Because of the careful and loving way they've been raised, they cook quickly and the meat is melt-in-the-mouth ... the best I've tasted.


Paul Kelly and his lovely family are legendary when it comes to turkey farming in the UK, and I had the pleasure of enjoying turkey sandwiches with them at their home a couple of years ago.

There's a reason why Jamie Oliver cooks a KellyBronze every Christmas. As well as the high welfare standards, he recognises they offer more flavour, have superior meat texture, juicier self-basted meat and they offer the promise of richly flavoured natural gravy stock.


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