Sasha's Fine Foods in partnership with HIC Juice

Sasha's Fine Foods in partnership with HIC Juice

HIC Juice (“HIC”) was launched in 2013 by 3 entrepreneurs who developed a passion for juicing during a trip to California. They returned to Singapore, disappointed not to find any products that came close to the gorgeous, raw, cold-pressed juices they’d come to love when in the US. So, they set about launching HIC, with the goal of bringing the finest, premium, raw juices to Singapore by making them right here in The Little Red Dot.

What makes raw food so special? Unlike cooked or processed food, raw food is packed with live enzymes and phytonutrients, many of which are lost when products are cooked or processed. HIC established their company in a state-of-the-art facility here, using the most innovative technology from the US, testing and trialling products until they were absolutely perfect for Singapore’s savvy, health-councsious consumers.  Their juicing process extracts 5 times more phytonutrients, vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes, and other vital elements from fresh produce than normal juices, resulting in the best, freshest and most nutritious raw juices in Singapore.

HIC quickly acquired a huge following which then led to the launch of their cleanse programmes which are nutritionally designed and certified by qualified nutritionists. These programmes minimise sugars and unnecessary calories while delivering maximum nutrient value without compromising on taste and flavour.

There are countless synergies between HIC and Sasha’s Fine Foods, the most important being our common goal to give customers the very best, highest-quality foods that are as close to nature as possible. So, when the opportunity came along to partner with HIC, I didn’t have to think twice about it.  

My current early morning problem is claiming a HIC juice for myself before the kids grab them and pop them into their schoolbags, but at least I know they’ve got a healthy start to the day! I really hope you and your family enjoy them as much as we do and I welcome your feedback when you’ve had an opportunity to try them.

Exclusively for Sasha's Fine Foods customers, HIC is offering 10% off storewide until 15th November. Please apply the promo code HICXSFF10 when you check out on The code is not valid with other promotions.

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