Sauerkraut Lovers Rejoice!

Organic Raw Ginger Beet Kraut

I have been blown away by the response to our recently launched range of Foley's Sauerkrauts, a firm favourite with anyone looking to improve digestive health.  Margot and Tim Foley's passion for clean, flavour-packed super-healthy food led them to develop this lovely artisanal range of nutrient-packed fermented vegetables from their small factory in Margaret River, Western Australia. They have perfected this fermentation process by which sugars and starches in the vegetables are broken down; when eaten, this in turn aids the pancreas and intestines in proper digestion and assists the body to better absorb natural vitamins and minerals.   

This week, our Raw Sauerkraut and Kim Chi Sauerkraut will be joined by two additions; New on the Shelf this week is the vibrant Raw Ginger Beet Kraut  (all organic ingredients including cabbage, onion, beetroot, fennel seeds and goji berries), and a special limited edition Raw Organic Smoky Jalapeño Kraut (local cabbage, onions, jalapenos, smoked paprika, celery seeds and Western Australian salt)We hope you'll enjoy them, and we welcome your feedback on which you prefer or any tips on how you use it.   

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