Special Offer This Week - Delicious Home-Made Quiches & Pies

Special Offer This Week - Delicious Home-Made Quiches & Pies

The crazy rain we've had this week has me hankering for comfort food, and that points me speedily in the direction my personal quick-fix favourites, Our Very Own Chicken and Mushroom Pie or Our Very Own Beef and Guinness Pie.  Jonny is a big fan of Our Very Bacon & Egg Quiche which reminds him of home.  Both are lovingly made by my friend and cooking partner Chef Eddie, they're a fantastic back-up to have at the ready for evenings when I get home late or fancy something tasty and light to eat but not a full meal.  I stock up on these when I'm heading away on a trip so the family will always have speedy options when they get home and I'm not around to look after dinner.

Both pies and quiches are on special offer this week - buy two pies OR two quiches for $18.90 (usual price $21.90), pop them in the freezer and take the hassle out of the 'what'll-I-have-to-eat' conundrum after a long day.  Simply click here to add either bundle to your cart.  

Eddie is an English chef who has been plying his trade here in Singapore for many years - we send him our finest meat, fish and chicken each day and he marries our products with the best quality veggies that go into our wider range of home-cooked, oven-ready meals.  My son Albert will demolish the beef tortellini topped with a spoon of pesto after football practice while Grace is partial to our delicious, fluffy gnocchi smothered with parmesan cheese and a lick of Vasse Virgin Garlic Pressed Olive Oil.  

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