We've Gone Double Dutch!

We've Gone Double Dutch!

Introducing Double Dutch Mixers and Tonic Waters!

This cool new brand is the brainchild of Dutch twins, Joyce and Raissa De Haas, who saw the quality and choice in spirits forever growing, whilst the market for accompanying mixers and tonics wasn't budging at all. This inspired them to create the Double Dutch brand, a superb range of five beverages - three tonic waters and two mixers - as a unique and all-natural alternative to the big brands known to us all. They're perfect for pairing with spirits, or as a welcome alternative to the pretty awful selection of beverages on the market for those who prefer not to drink alcohol.   

The Pomegranate and Basil mixer is a completely different and very morish soft drink that's complex enough to be enjoyed on its own but tastes fantastic as a mixer with a range of spirits. Often considered to be a superfood, pomegranate has a complex flavour profile that straddles sweet and tart, but also offers a tannin note that brings body and structure to cocktails. Basil has always been renowned for lifting acidic flavours and in a soft drink its peppery top note is a superb counterbalance to pomegranate. It doesn't contain quinine for those put off the bitter profile of regular tonic, so as an alternative to plain old soda or pungent ginger beer, these are for you! 

Raissa and Joyce have also re-invented the humble and often under-whelming afterthought that is tonic water. Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water is brightened with pink grapefruit and the lower notes of the tonic are deepened with a subtle hint of juniper berry to round out and lengthen the finish of the tonic, thus reducing the bitter aftertaste to which many people object.  

Just like their Indian Tonic Water, Double Dutch Skinny Tonic is the ideal soft drink for those who are watching their weight, as it contains 60% fewer calories than the classic variety. This zesty and rewarding low-calorie soda is satisfying enough to drink alone, but also rounds out the flavour of white spirits like gin and vodka superbly.   

The Double Dutch Cranberry Tonic has a light summery aroma, a warm earthy finish and spicy kick. It also tastes great with gin, vodka or simply on its own over ice with a wedge of lime.   

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