What Is Verjuice and What Can I Do With It ?

What Is Verjuice and What Can I Do With It ?

I launched an interesting new product a few weeks back called verjuice, an unfermented (alcohol-free) juice made from unripened wine grapes that I tasted on a recent sourcing trip to Chestnut Grove Winery in Manjimup, Australia. I was really taken by it, and took some home to play around with in the kitchen as it's not something I was particularly familiar with. But lo and behold, I am now a true convert, adding a touch to just about everything I'm cooking. It's an absolutely brilliant product, whether used for poaching fruit, added to a salad dressing or de-glazing a pan after roasting lamb or chicken. Even with sparkling water and ice, it's a magnificent spritzer. 

I found this great article 10 Ways With Verjuice which provides a perfect sampling of ways to incorporate this magical elixir into your cooking. But if my words alone don't inspire you, check out the recipe and images for this sublime Blue Cheese Panna Cotta with Verjuice Poached Plums.

We have two sizes of Chestnut Grove Verjuice available - a 750ml bottle (same size as a wine bottle) and a smaller 350ml size if you'd like to try it out. 

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