Big Paddock, New Zealand

At Big Paddock, they are farming eggs just the way the hens like it. Their hens have the run of big open paddocks where they can spend their days roaming, foraging and socialising. At night, they come home to a comfortable hen house, safe from predators. This is pure free-range farming which is evident in the taste of their eggs. 

Their farmers share values around providing a great environment to raise hens and demonstrate the best of hen keeping practices to look after the hens, and provide an absolute guarantee of where the eggs come from. When you purchase big paddock eggs, you’re sourcing ethically raised eggs from people who genuinely care for their animals.

If you’re looking for delicious, fresh, free-range eggs, choose Big Paddock. You can be totally confident you’re choosing a food that is good for you and your family in so many ways.

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