Fiasconaro, Italy

Fiasconaro, Italy

At Fiasconaro, they only use carefully selected quality ingredients that favour the typical productions of Sicily, such as pistachio, apricots,  Madonie Manna and more. Using award-winning techniques of production, Fiasconaro brings to you classic and genuine flavours with uncompromising quality.

The story of Fiasconaro begins in the 1950s in Castelbuono, a small town in the Madonie Park in Sicily, which marks the beginning of this exciting adventure of the Sicilian High Pastry.

In 1953, Mario Fiasconaro, started a thriving business in the field of pastry and catering, from a small ice cream shop in the main square of the town. His three children, Fausto, Martino and Nicola, began to learn the trade from a young age.

Today the Fiasconaro brothers are at the head of the company that bears their name: Fausto is the showroom manager, Martino is the head of the administration, Nicola is the award-winning first pastry chef and has received the title of Honorary Citizen from the Municipal Administration of Avola for the role played in recent years as ambassador of Sicilian sweet excellences in the world.

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