Foley’s Frothing Fermentations, Australia

Foley’s Frothing Fermentations, Australia

Fermented foods have fantastic gut health properties, something Margot Foley learnt as a chef vegetarian restaurants in the stunning Margaret River region of Western Australia. A raw food diet provided extra drive to start developing a range of products from their own kitchen.  Spending time with Margot and her husband Tim in their small Dunsborough factory is a fascinating experience, with strange and wonderful smells all around – although they are intensely secretive about their methods!

Before starting Foley’s Frothing Fermentations, Margot and Tim Foley spent several years travelling, including a period with Margot working as head chef on super yachts. Upon returning to Western Australia, Margot used her time as a chef to learn about health foods, wholefoods and raw foods, gaining more knowledge about nutrition through attending locally run workshops and courses. Their raw food diet gave them insight into cultured vegetables and other fermented foods. After tasting different fermented foods as well as learning about the myriad health benefits of cultured food, their kitchen bench was soon full of different jars of fermenting vegetables and their bookshelves were sagging under the weight of new books on the traditions of fermentation.

Foley’s Frothing Fermentations use fresh raw organic vegetables fermented in traditional German crocks which allow the proliferation of natural enzymes and lactobacilli which are naturally present in vegetables and digestive tracts to develop. This fermenting process allows sugars and starches in the vegetables to be broken down, which in turn when consumed, aids the pancreas and intestines in proper digestion and assists the body to better absorb natural vitamins and minerals.

These super healthy products can be added to any meal. They taste great warmed up too, alongside sausages or topping burgers.


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