Hogan's Farm, Ireland

Hogan's Farm is a second generation family-owned and operated turkey farm based in Ireland. Hogan’s Farm Traditional Free Range Woodland Bronze Turkeys are named after Charlesfort Estate, where Hogan’s Farm is based.

Woodland Bronze Turkeys are exclusively reared for Christmas for at least seven months, and live freely amongst the grass and woodlands surrounding Charlesfort Estate. This process of slow rearing and natural free-foraging produces a turkey like no other in terms of depth in flavour and succulence.

For the first six weeks, Woodland Bronze Turkeys are carefully cared for in a heated shed. Gradually, they are encouraged to explore the outdoors. Thereafter, they permanently leave their shed to live with total freedom in their natural setting.

Woodland Bronze Turkeys are fed a varied diet. Along with a cereal-based diet for turkeys, which contains all the vitamins and nutrients they require; they also feed off natural pastures and are given treats, such as apple, carrots and kale.

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