Inverawe Smokehouses, Scotland

Inverawe Scottish Oak Smokehouse have produced Scotland's finest smoked salmon, haddock and mackerel for over 25 years. The Campbell-Preston’s hobby has become a world renowned family business. I loved visiting their Loch Etive old smokehouse to see firsthand time honoured hot and cold salt & oak smoking. The haddock and mackerel are sourced from deep Atlantic Ocean waters, whilst low fat salmon benefit from Argyll and Shetlands’ farmed in strong tidal waters are sustainably raised with no nasties or antibiotics. Their hand-cured traditional approach creates an exceptional product, as supplied to the British Monarchy.

Inverawe Smokehouses Sustainability Policy

Inverawe Smokehouses is committed to reducing its environmental impact, integral to which is their salmon sourcing policy. All Inverawe salmon comes from farms committed to sustainable production, located in the strong tidal flows of coastal waters off Argyll or the Shetland Isles. They understand their place in nature and actively seek to limit their impact notably to ensure the integrity of wild fish stocks and prevent pollution. They strive to achieve the highest standards of fish welfare whilst ensuring low stocking densities which help to build stronger healthier fish. Feed comes from sustainable fishmeal sources and a low fat diet is used. Nasties are never used.

The fresh fish are immediately filleted and transported to Inverawe's smokehouse. Each fish is hand-cured and hung in brick kilns over oak-log fires, where it gently draws in the delicious smoky flavour. This time-honoured smoking method allows the fish to gently take up the gorgeous smoky aroma in its own unhurried time, giving the most delicious full-bodied oak-smoked flavour.

Inverawe Smokehouses’ slow smoking methods are most suited to smaller, leaner, less fatty fish with a good firm texture. Only these healthy, strong, prime, farmed fresh fish give the beautiful texture and taste our suppliers are known for. Both Inverawe Smokehouses and external suppliers are audited regularly to maintain the highest levels of sustainability, welfare and environmental practices.


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