KellyBronze Turkeys, England

Award winning KellyBronze Turkeys’ exceptional taste comes from fully matured birds living free range in English woodlands with only 500 birds per acre (twice the age of intensively farmed birds, raised at 16,000 per acre). During my visit, I saw the turkeys living exactly as nature intended, with lots of exercise and excellent diet. Whilst doubling farming cost, KellyBronze has quadrupled the flavour with a layer of natural fat and mature carcasses. Per kilo of weight gained, the birds eat 30% more feed (free of nasties) than a commercial turkey.

From start to finish, the methods used to produce a KellyBronze turkey out-class standard benchmarks. It starts with the breed – having gone to great lengths in the 1980s to rescue the bronze breed from near extinction. Farming the slow-growing turkeys with care and passion for three generations, the Kellys follow nature's clock with the hens laying their chicks in spring and the chicks then hatch naturally in the festive season. The Kellys are proud that they produce turkeys using the slowest method in the world, as opposed to the all-year-round intensive production.

The birds are hand-plucked on the farm when they are mature and ready to eat – not when they reach a particular weight. Because they are plucked by hand, no water is needed unlike modern factories. This also enhances shelf life and allows dry ageing, intensifying the flavours and tenderising the meat for winning results. 

KellyBronze slow-growing, free-range, mature turkeys are a joy to cook. They offer more flavour, have superior meat texture, juicier self-basted meat, and the promise of richly flavoured natural gravy stock. KellyBronze turkeys cook in half the time of a standard bird because of the exceptional marbling in the meat.

We are thrilled to be the only company in Singapore selling KellyBronze Free-Range Turkeys, direct from the Kelly farm in Essex, England.

 KellyBronze on the farm on Vimeo.


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