Le Beurre Bordier, France

Le Beurre Bordier France natural taste and flavored butters in different shapes

Son and grandson of cheesemakers, founder Jean-Yves Bordier has been a butter and cheese maker for 35 years. The delicate process, quality and passion that goes into Bordier Butter is unparalleled. 

The milk collected to make Bordier Butter is produced in organic farms located in Brittany and Normandy. In the summer, each farm pays careful attention to getting the cows out to the pastures. In the winter, they are fed with excellent silage from aerated drying pens which preserve the quality of the alfalfa.

After collecting the milk, it is pasteurised and creamed and then left to mature slowly for two days to thicken and develop its aromatic complexity. The cream is then churned, which separates into grains of butter and buttermilk. The buttermilk is replaced by ice water before the second churning of the butter grains. This traditional and artisanal technique makes it possible to obtain a high quality butter because it preserves more of the molecules of the cream.

This butter is left to rest for 24 hours before being brought into the Bordier workshop for kneading, a technique which Jean-Yves Bordier refined and perfected. This process lets the butter take on its own flavor through oxidation as well as softening its texture. The butter is then salted with fine salt which reacts with the fat molecules in the butter and develops a depth of incredible aromas and an elegant texture.

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