Meredith Dairy, Australia

I had a fantastic trip down to Melbourne in early 2015 where I had the pleasure of meeting up with the Meredith team and hearing first hand all about their farm. Meredith Dairy is a seriously impressive enterprise, where they have made it their mission to provide quality-minded customers with reasonably priced, excellent sheep and goat milk products. Meredith’s animals are happy and healthy. The goats enjoy a vibrant social life, a nutritious diet with access to shelter and fresh straw in their open-walled sheds.

Meredith Dairy is the largest farm of its kind in Australia. They are a vertically integrated company; owning and controlling their own supply chain. They milk both goats and sheep and process dairy products every day. Their aim is to value-add all farm produce, not just milk, to produce the best products possible and farm in a responsible and sustainable way.



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