Native, Singapore

Native is an award-winning cocktail bar from Singapore with a focus on foraging and using regional produce from Southeast Asia and beyond. Imagine the familiar flavours of mango, turmeric, or pandan, with the added zing of the unknown – ants, bark, and other secrets that the region has to offer us – all for your drinking pleasure.

In addition to the drinks, Native is committed to sustainable practices, as well as supporting local & regional craftsmen through their wares, scents, music and more.

Native utilises a Circular Economy approach, figuring out ways to upcycle and reincorporate by-products from its day-to-day operations – be it breaking down food waste into compost or reintegrating fruit or vegetable peels into ferments like misos or vinegars. The bar also seeks to reduce its carbon footprint by sourcing locally and regionally as well as using renewable energy where possible. All products of the bar are thoughtfully and carefully developed to ensure the most sustainable path is being chosen time and time again.

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