Ortiz Bonito, Spain

Ortiz's tuna are line caught, one at a time, in the deep cold Atlantic waters of northwestern Spain. For over 100 years Ortiz have been hand-filleting (at sea) their prized Bonito tuna, before preserving them in quality olive oil. Oritz balances modern techniques with a deep respect for traditional fishing methods including using live bait to catch the best fish. This ensures sustainable fishing and respects their treasured environment.

Using “live bait” and “trolling” techniques, Ortiz catches White Tuna using fresh live bait, primarily small fish. The first step is to get the bait out of the sea, very carefully. For this they use dip nets. The fishermen use hoses to imitate the movement of the shoals of fish. When fishing starts, the fishermen line up along one flank of the boat. The rods have a short line with the live bait on the hooks. If the shoal is made up of very large fish then the men work in pairs. Live bait is a traditional fishing technique that has been widely used throughout history by Cantabrian fishermen.


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