Plain Vanilla, Singapore

Plain Vanilla was founded in 2011 at a small take-away spot in Singapore Holland Villag - they started out with a simple, earnest ambition to share the contentment of a good old-fashioned cake with their neighbors. 10 years, 5 stores and a 100-strong team later, so much has changed and yet, the ‘why’ behind what keeps them going every day hasn’t.

For the past ten years, the stories they have heard and lessons they have learnt have anchored their belief that a well-lived life is made of simple pleasures; while they often go unnoticed amidst busy routines, they are truly the most satisfying. What joy our lives would be if we savored these everyday moments! The thoughtfulness behind the food they serve, the homewares on their shelves, the design of their stores and the words they speak are guided by their purpose: To make life’s simple pleasures aspirational and accessible.

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