Raglan Coconut Yoghurt, New Zealand

Raglan Coconut Yoghurt is truly Joy in a jar - dairy free yoghurt made from organic coconuts! Using 100% natural ingredients, these yoghurts are free from refined sugars, artificial colours, preservatives and gums. When Sebastian Walter (Mr Coconut) decided it was time to go dairy-free due to allergies, his partner Tesh Randall (Mrs Coconut) started experimenting with making coconut yoghurt in her kitchenIt took time to get it right (and lots of taste-testing on Mr Coconut’s part!) but soon breakfast became their favourite part of the day.

Soon, the crew of coconut lovers grew bigger. Before you could say coconut-yoghurt-is-the-best-thing-ever ten times, it began popping up in shop fridges all over New Zealand. Now, these award-winning yoghurts are here in Singapore!

Their coconuts come from beautiful Indonesia, grown organically, with no fertilisers, sprays or pesticides used, and sourced from local growers all around Java & Sumatra. Their coconuts are harvested by humans. Mr & Mrs Coconut have personally visited their suppliers to ensure this is the case. All the suppliers have signed a code of conduct that explicitly states that they do not permit the use of any animal labour, child labour, or prison labour.


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