Róa Cakes, Singapore

Róa is a Singapore-based artisanal patisserie that has revolutionised chocolate cake into their signature Midnight Cake, which is vegan, gluten free and allergen friendly.Conceived after 9 months of R&D, Midnight Cake is a truly one-of-a-kind decadent but guilt-free experience that replaces processed sugar and egg with psyllium husk, and butter with avocados. Handcrafted without preservatives, each is decorated with edible gold flakes and Moroccan rose buds.

Róa (pronounced “row-uh”) means ‘calm’ in Icelandic reflecting the team’s vision to create products that bring calm and pleasure to others. 

Chief artisan Jane Tan believes that dietary restrictions should not be a reason to miss out on delicious treats. After her goddaughter, Emma, was born with severe allergies to eggs, wheat and dairy, Jane decided to create cakes that Emma could enjoy. A timely visit to New York kickstarted the process and inspired Jane to use only high quality, organic plant-based products in her craft.



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