Simply Champagne, France

Simply Champagne offers an exclusive selection of champagnes, made by family-owned, out-of-the-way wineries with a passion for quality and sustainable farming. Simply Champagne connects with independent growers in the Champagne region and personally selects champagnes through visits to cellars, blind tasting and blending trials. These champagnes make up a small portion of the champagne market are much more terroir driven with a distinctive taste of their area.

On a mission to support winemakers and responsible farming ethics, Simply Champagne works directly with small independent producers to market their rare, hard-to-find champagnes while paying them a fair price and investing in local stakeholder projects to empower the next generation of growers.

Claire Langrée Saf is the force behind SimplyChampagne and the company’s founder. After 20 years of corporate work, she decided to found her company to consciously support independent growers in champagne. Between SimplyChampagne, her hobbies and her family, she is an avid supporter of responsible farming and passionate about all things champagne.



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