Sutton Hoo Chicken, England

In the heart of the Suffolk countryside next to the ancient Anglo-Saxon National Trust site at Sutton Hoo is another heritage treasure for you to enjoy. Sutton Hoo Free Range Chickens are chickens with a difference. Charles and Belinda were farmers on a mission to rear truly free range chicken that is exceptionally tasty and nourishing.. Their signature method of "slow-grown" chickens ensures that the birds mature naturally and produce fuller, more succulent flavours.

Their poultry enjoy an additive free diet without antibiotics or drugs of any kind. This chicken has gained a national reputation for its quality and unsurpassed welfare. The birds live in small groups and shelter from the elements in mobile houses that have no artificial lighting and are naturally ventilated. Their playground is the tussocky grassland at Sutton Hoo. From about two weeks of age the happy chicks venture outside to enjoy exploring under Suffolk’s vast open skies. From then on all feeding takes place outside by hand with additional nutrients foraged from the surrounding vegetation. 



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