Teapigs, United Kingdom

Teapigs, United Kingdom Biodegradable Tea Temples bags | Sasha Online Grocer

Teapigs produces quality tea with an amazing mission. They only source the best quality tea leaves, berries, herbs and spices – 100% natural with no artificial flavourings. All their products are sourced from sustainable estates and they were the 1st tea company to be certified Plastic-Free. They give back to the communities that are part of the supply chain. Teapigs does their best to take care of the people that make it all happen and are B-Corp certified. 

Tea Leaves –
Teapigs uses whole leaves, herbs, berries, spices and flowers to make their tea. In many regular tea bags, the ingredients are often squashed, chopped and manhandled, which causes almost all the flavour to be lost. Hence, Teapigs select top quality ingredients and keep them whole to maintain strong flavours.

Tea Bags –

With the whole leaves and ingredients Teapigs uses for their tea, they cannot fit in regular paper teabags. Hence, they have adopted the tea temple – a roomy, biodegradable mesh bag, which offers all the space whole leaves need to release their big, bold, beautiful flavour. 


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