VertiVegies, Singapore

Vertivegies is part of Singapore’s 2030 self sufficiency goals, producing stunning veggies in vertical farms here on the island. Free of pesticides, heavy metals and micro-biological pathogens means only the purest food for our tables. Excellent technology delivers traceable, wholesome and safe food year round for us to enjoy. Their focus on sustainability, research and innovation creates products that puts consumers and our planet first. VertiVegies’ vegetables have a longer shelf life, improved nutritional content, freshness and taste. All Vertivegie produce is free from insecticide, weedicide, fungicide or nematicide, thereby protecting you and your family from harmful sprays meant for pests and diseases. Their systems actively regulate temperature, humidity, hydro-nutrition, ventilation, cooling and various other input parameters to ensure the vegetables are packed with nutrients. Stringent processes ensure that the greens are free of heavy metals and micro-biological pathogens such as e-coli and salmonella. Supporting Singapore's target to meet 30% of the nation's nutrient needs by 2030, Vertivegies is in the process of building Singapore's largest indoor plant factory factory. By end 2020, the factory will produce up to 5 tonnes of produce daily. Consuming locally produced vegetables contributes to reduction of food waste and food miles as well as food security and nation building


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