WhatIF Foods, Singapore

WhatIF Foods, Singapore

WhatIF Foods leads the ReGeneration through disruptive innovations across product categories. We are not in the business of building the next plant-based brand, or the next trendy vegan product, nor are we fantasizing about a high-tech dream.

We are a planet-based company with a mission to regenerate the planet and its people by reinventing the food system - category by category.


We believe food can be tasty and convenient without depleting our earth's resources, rather it can give back in a regenerative and meaningful way. With every bite of our BamNut Noodles and sip of our BamNut Milk, you are helping to revive degraded farmland, replenish your body with much-needed nutrients, and empowering farming communities to grow crops regeneratively to restore the soil. This is the #REgenerative food system for the modern era.

WhatIF Foods is #REimagining the food system for you, and making delicious foods you will love the #REgenerative way. New meals for a new era.

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