Baked Ling with Miso Glaze

Baked Ling with Miso Glaze

Umami-rich flavour on succulent fish, this simple dish is sure to be a hit with your family and friends. 


450g New Zealand Ling Fillet
1 tablespoon miso paste (white, yellow, or red)
1 tablespoon Tamari sauce
1 tablespoon Vasse Virgin Rich & Robust Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil 


    1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Rack should be on the middle or upper third of the oven. 
    2. If the skin is on the ling cod, score the skin side with a few slashes with a paring knife about 1/2" deep.  This will allow the glaze to penetrate through the skin and keep the fish from curling when cooked. 
    3. Mix together glaze ingredients.  Rub onto fish and let marinate for 15 minutes. 
    4. Place fish fillet on a baking sheet, lined with foil or not, and rubbed with a bit of oil or non-stick spray.  Roast fish for 10-15 minutes until fish is cooked through. Time will depend on the thickness of the fillet. 


    Recipe Credit: Asian Test Kitchen

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