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Best of Our Meat Range

From watching the Pig Whisperers at work on Wicks Manor farm to seeing the Fox River Chicken graze freely on the beautiful Mt Barker Farm, I have visited many of our suppliers personally. It is fundamental to my ethos to work only with the suppliers I trust, people who respect the entire process of food production, so I can truly vouch for the quality and standards of the meat that you can find in our store. 

Below is some of the best meat that our planet has to offer, which tastes amazing and is hugely popular amongst many of our customers.

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Fresh boneless pork shoulder seasoned with spices, olive oil and garlic
$3.55/100g Frozen
$3.37/100g Frozen
Delicious roasted Silver Hill Crispy Whole Duck with green onions, hoisin sauce and Chinese pancakes on a wooden board
$7.15/100g Frozen
save 15%
$4.54/100g Frozen
$1.26/100g Frozen
$6.83/100g Frozen
$2.77/100g Frozen
$4.29/100g Frozen
save 18%
$2.93/100g Frozen