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Portuguese Style Barramundi

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The Barramundi Fish with spicy portuguese sauce made from lemongrass, dried shrimp, onions, kaffir lime leaf, tomato sauce, honey, dry chilli, belacan, sugar and vegetable oil. It is prepped using the Ikejime method (a Japanese fish preparation method) which preserves the fish's flavour, tender texture and keeps it ultra-fresh. The barramundi fish is sourced from a local farm in Malaysia which is BAP certified (Best Aquaculture Practices)

Barramundi Fish, Lemongrass, Dried shrimp, onions, Kaffir lime leaf, Tomato sauce, Honey, Dry chilli, Belacan, Sugar and Vegetable oil

From Frozen (No defrosting needed)

Tear along the dotted line to remove the label.
Option 1: Boil (Sous-Vide) - Bring water to boiling point. Submerge pack. Set timer for 15 minutes and close lid.
Option 2: Chef Mode - Defrost and cook according to your preference and recipe!

To be kept in deep freezer below -10degrees

May contain traces of fish, seafood, milk, wheat, gluten, yeast, nuts, soybeans or sesame. Not suitable for those allergic to these ingredients.