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Sarsaparilla & Candied Orange Chocolate

Product Description

Sarsaparilla is a root herb first found in Central America. Today many varieties are found all over the world; in India it is called Anantmool. Hogarth mix the sarsaparilla and two other dried roots; ginger and licorice. They combine it with a little orange oil before adding it to their 68% Dark Chocolate made with cacao from Haiti. 1 pack, 70g. 

A few candied orange peel pieces are scattered on the back of the bar to balance out the aromatic flavours.

Ingredients: Cocoa solids 68% (organic cocoa beans, organic cocoa butter), organic sugar, sarsaparilla root, licorice root, ginger root, orange oil, candied orange (orange peel, glucose, sugar, citric acid, preservative E220). Vegan – Gluten free – Soy free.

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