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Wicks Manor Honey Roast Half Ham, Boneless

Product Description

This best-selling honey roast fresh ham is cured for 4-5 days using the Wiltshire method (brine soaking), smoked in an aromatic blend of oak and beechwood (or left unsmoked), and cooked on the farm, glazed with honey for a slightly sweet finish. Cooked and boneless, 1kg and 2.5kg.

All our pork products include our seasonal hams come from Wicks Manor Farm in the English countryside. This is a small family-run farm where the pigs are raised as close to nature as possible! It's a farm Sasha visits regularly, so you can be 100% confident in the quality of these products.

Fed a natural diet of wheat and barley (grown and milled on the farm at Wicks Manor), reared with best practice farming techniques, and an attention to animal welfare means UK nationally-recognised, high-quality, and great tasting pork.’

Wicks Manor is also a leader in sustainable welfare practices, and offers us full product traceability from farm to fork.

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