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Cold Meats

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Wicks Manor English Sliced Ham


Moist, tender and full of flavour, this is a high-quality and great-tasting ham, cooked on the farm. Available smoked or unsmoked. 200g, frozen.

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Spanish Fermin Chorizo Iberico


This product is currently out of stock and will be restocked on 30 Oct.

Delicious, whole Spanish chorizo sausage. 200g each.  

Italian Prosciutto Parma Ham

This sensational ham with a sweet flavour is cured with pure sea salt for a minimum of 18 months. 250g, 11 slices, fresh.

Cured with pure sea salt for a minimum of 18 months, it takes a team of experts and a lot of patience to produce this sensational ham. From the province of Parma in Italy, it is supposedly the mountain air that gives this ham its sweet flavour.

Gluten Dietary Advice - please note that whilst these products do not contain any gluten ingredients, they have been processed in facilities where gluten is present and as such, may contain traces of gluten.
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