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Foley's Australian Raw Organic Beet Kraut Gut Shot

Product Description

This product is currently out of stock and is only expected to be restocked by end of October.

This nutrient-packed, pure juice is full to the brim with all the probiotics you need. 350ml, gluten free, organic, probiotic, paleo, vegan.

Just one shot of pure juice a day added to soups, salads or straight up is packed with all the probiotics you'll need. Each bottle contains 10+ servings (recommended portion is 25g).

Margot and Tim Foley's passion for clean, flavour-packed, super-healthy food led them to develop this lovely artisanal range of nutrient-packed, fermented vegetables from their small factory in Margaret River, Western Australia. They have perfected this fermentation process during which sugars and starches in the vegetables are broken down. When eaten, this in turn aids the pancreas and intestines in proper digestion and assists the body to better absorb natural vitamins and minerals. 

Ingredients: all organic cabbage, onion, fennel seeds, beetroot, ginger, salt. 

These gut shots have sediment in the bottle so please shake before drinking, some may have slight effervescence due to slow fermentation still occurring in the bottle over time.

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