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Red Grapes

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Red grapes are known for their sweet taste and distinctive floral quality that is reminiscent of ripe pear, rose, and candied grape. The smooth, glossy skin ranges in colour from pale blush to deep red, and the skin is firm and crisp, but not crunchy. 

Red grapes can be used in both raw and cooked preparations such as roasting and boiling. They can be enjoyed fresh, out-of-hand as a table grape or paired with cheeses, savoury charcuterie, and salads. Red grapes can also be dried for raisins, made into wine as the flavour of the grape does not diminish from the fermentation process, boiled and made into jams and jellies, or roasted with savoury dishes such as curry for a hint of sweetness. Red grapes pair well with duck, chicken, pork, nuts, blue cheese, goat cheese, and spicy meats such as prosciutto and Toscano salami.