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Rizzardi Prosecco

Product Description

A refreshing, crisp and pure, extra-dry Prosecco. 750ml

Using the grapes from vineyards that are well known to the family, as are their tried and trusted growers, this Prosecco is refreshing, crisp and pure. The profile is cool-climate fruit, citrus and pear with a persistent mousse and a light creamy feel to the palate, with a long finish on pure fruit.

Like other Proseccos, this is an excellent aperitif but unlike many also serves as a good food wine, accompanying fresh fish and shellfish superbly.

A very refined and subtle Prosecco, with typical notes of icing sugar sprinkled over preserved lemon, and a forward, fruity style. Note that it’s an ‘Extra Dry’ which, perversely enough means it is a little sweeter than a normal ‘Brut’ style sparkling wine. It’s not sweet, but the extra ounce of sugar gives it a flattering smoothness and makes it a great aperitif choice too.” Tom Canavan (Wine Pages & The Huffington Post)

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