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New Zealand Lamb Rump Cap on

Product Description

Sometimes referred to as a mini roast, the lamb rump is one of the tastiest cuts of lamb and looks extra special on a plate. Available in different sizes.

Cooking Hint

Lamb rumps are extremely versatile and work well with marinades. When roasted and rested, the milky layer of fat creates amazing flavour while keeping the lean meat underneath succulent. Try this recipe here.

New Zealand lamb has unique flavour and full of goodness. Grass fed, GMO-free hormone-free and antibiotic-free. Grass-fed lamb, the way it used to be. Our sheep are lovingly raised on pasture at a coastal Marlborough farm in the South Island of New Zealand, without growth hormones or antibiotics. High sunshine hours, the salt-licked coastal landscape and careful farming practices are all keys to naturally good stock health and their low carbon footprint.

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