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KellyBronze Free Range English Whole Turkey

Product Description

Each turkey is delivered frozen, complete with easy cooking instructions and a KellyBronze turkey thermometer. Please allow 12 hours per kilo for defrosting your turkeys in the fridge.

NOTE: Only 3kg turkeys are currently available for immediate purchase.

Cooking Hint

KellyBronze Turkeys cook in less than half the time it takes regular turkeys, check out this recipe that explains exactly how to cook it. 

"KellyBronze turkeys are the best of the best, the most joyful treat. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a KellyBronze turkey". - JAMIE OLIVER

We are thrilled to be the only company in Singapore selling KellyBronze Free-Range Turkeys again this year, direct from the Kelly farm in Essex, England. A sell-out last Christmas, we anticipate strong demand again this year, so get your bird early to avoid disappointment. 

Kelly's turkeys have a wonderful life as you will see in this lovely short video. Using their own bronze breeds from pure bronze breeding stock, the birds are allowed to roam freely around the farm itself and the glorious surrounding pastures exactly as nature intended.

Fed on a completely natural diet and allowed to fully mature, the turkeys are dry plucked by hand in November and hung in a cool larder for up to 14 days to allow the meat to settle. 

Sasha has spent time on the Kelly farm and seen first hand the wonderful, natural environment the turkeys enjoy in the wild woodlands.

Awarded the best turkey in Britain eight years in a row, read more from Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver and many other outstanding chefs who choose KellyBronze turkeys every year. 

For a quick summary of why Sasha only sells KellyBronze, check out her turkey blog here.

Note that as the turkeys are hand plucked, there might be a few black feather quills left in the bird. They are harmless and any that may be left will shrivel up during cooking. 

 Size guide: 3kg feeds 6-8, 4kg feeds 8-10, 5kg feeds 10-12

Dimensions: 3kg - 33x22x14cm, 4kg - 33x22.5x16cm, 5kg 35x23x17cm

Find out more about the supplier here.

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