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Local Chicken Drumsticks - Organic

Product Description

Our apologies that Local Fresh Chicken is temporarily unavailable as our supplier has had some technical issues with packaging. We are working on a solution together and hope to bring back our fresh chicken as soon as possible.

The go-to cut of poultry for family dinners, which can be eaten as a side or main with saucy marinades, rubs and concoctions. Certified organic with no growth hormones or antibiotics. 400g per pack, 4 pieces.


Our fresh chicken has a five-day shelf life after processing. However, we recommend you freeze it when it is delivered if you are not going to consume it within two days of receipt. We give this advice because we have no control over the temperature of our customers' domestic fridges.


Our beautiful French ‘poulet chicken’ is supplied to us by third-generation farmer Kenny whose family owns and runs the best chicken farm in the region. I have had the pleasure of working with Kenny for many years and was amazed when I visited the farm for the first time, to see that the chickens were so relaxed and friendly.

The chickens are allowed to roam freely in spacious pens with plenty of natural light and elevated perches. TTS staff enter the farm daily to clean the area and encourage movement within the flock. They are fed a natural diet consisting of corn, wheat, organic selenium, vitamins, orgacids and probiotics and some five-spice flavouring. No growth promoters or antibiotics are administered on the chickens. Toh Thye San Farms is the first in Asia to achieve certified Humane by Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC). They are also certified organic.

Learn about the source of our chicken here.

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