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Most Loved

Our Most Loved section shares the products that our customers buy regularly, our most popular staples that tend to form the basics for cooks throughout the week. We share them with you to speed up your visit and get you to the checkout as efficiently as possible.

Wicks Manor English Boneless Pork Loin Joint

A high-quality, great-tasting, boneless loin joint, perfect for a roast. 1.5kg, frozen.

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Nature's Best Eggs

SPCA-approved, cage-free, barn-laid eggs from New Zealand. 10 large eggs per carton.

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Wicks Manor English Bacon

A delicious, nationally recognised, high-quality, and succulent bacon. 250g, sliced, frozen.

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New Zealand Lamb Tenderloin

Our lamb is tender, and full of flavour and goodness. Grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free, and sourced from private, quality-focused farmers. 500g per pack, 5 fillets per pack.  

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Mt. Cook Alpine New Zealand Salmon Portions, Skin On

This sashimi-grade salmon has a firm, muscular texture with a clean, smooth flavour. 150g per portion, 2 portions per pack, boneless, skin on.

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Foley's Australian Raw Sauerkraut

This lovely artisanal range of nutrient-packed fermented vegetables helps the body to better absorb natural vitamins and minerals. 500g, gluten free, probiotic, paleo, organic, vegan.

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Foley's Australian Raw Organic Sauerkraut Gut Shot

This nutrient-packed, pure juice is full to the brim with all the probiotics you need. 350ml, gluten free, organic, probiotic, paleo, vegan.

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Mt. Cook Alpine New Zealand Salmon Caviar

New Zealand's glacial waters provide ideal conditions for raising strong and healthy salmon, who in turn create a very special salmon roe. 100g, frozen.

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Local Chicken Breasts - Hormone and Antibiotic Free

Our free-roaming chickens are raised in a clean, healthy and spacious environment, and fed a natural diet. Our chicken is leaner and more flavourful as a result. 375g, 3 to 4 breasts per pack, boneless and skinless.

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Our Very Own Beef Lasagne

Our beef lasagne is lovingly created by our very own chef, using our own Australian beef with no preservatives or additives. 600g, approx 2 portions, frozen.

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Vasse Virgin Margaret River Pure Honey

Pure, natural honey from Margaret River, Australia. 240ml.

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Wicks Manor English Pork Tenderloin

One of the most tender cuts of pork, it is also lean and flavourful. 350g each, frozen.

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