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Salmon Portion Skin-On, Individual

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Sashimi Grade Salmon. The freshest and finest tasting salmon you'll ever eat. Enjoy the highest quality Mt Cook Alpine Salmon, sustainably sourced from the most natural farm environment with absolutely no nasties.

This sashimi-grade salmon has a firm, muscular texture with a clean, smooth flavour. 150g per portion, 1 portion per pack, boneless, skin on. Available fresh and frozen. The cut of the portioned salmon varies.

Our fresh salmon is exactly that. It is fished in New Zealand on a Wednesday, and can be delivered to you as early as Friday morning. As a grocer you can trust, know that we never, ever freeze then defrost to try to sell as "fresh".

Note: There is no need to remove the scales on our salmon as they will disappear/melt when cooked. 

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Contains: Fish

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Mt Cook Alpine Salmon, New Zealand