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Beef Bundle

Product Description
$69.90 $82.80

1 x Australian Black Angus Striploin Steaks

Often considered the tastiest cut by leading chefs, this steak is well marbled and has a superb grass-fed taste. 2 hormone-free steaks, 375g per pack, frozen

1 x Australian Frozen Wagyu Beef Burgers

Delicious, 100% pure, grain-fed Wagyu beef. 125g per piece, 4 pieces per tray, frozen.

1 x New Zealand Frozen Diced Beef

Our delicious beef is from cattle that are 100% grass fed and never finished on grain. 500g per pack, frozen.

1 x Australian Black Angus Lean Minced Beef

Super-lean beef mince, with 7% fat content compared with the normal 15-20% fat. Grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free. 500g per pack, frozen.

Valid until 21st June 2018

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