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Australian Black Angus Tenderloin Grass-fed (Mini Roast)

Product Description

This grass-fed mini roast beef is tender, flavourful and most suitable for roasting. Available in different weights.

We are sorry this product is sold out and anticipate new stock will arrive on 9th December.

Cooking Hint

Try out this festive Peppercorn Beef Tenderloin recipe

The cattle are raised with care and 100% on grass to ensure they are stress-free, resulting in an amazing taste and tenderness. No hormone or antibiotics are used.

The mini roast is offered in different weight so you can select one that is the most suitable for your meal.

Update: Due to the severe droughts in Eastern Australia, the current feed for the cattle is being supplemented with a mixture of barley and walnuts. We assure our customers that the feed is still fully natural and will not impact meat quality. 

Best cooked in an oven after bringing meat to room temperature. Read about the source of our beef here.