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English Diced Stewing Venison

Product Description

500g, frozen

Prized for their delicate gamey flavour, venison is also popular for its nutritional properties. As the meat comes from "wild", free range animal that gets a lot of exercise, venison is low in fat and high in protein. 

This venison from Oxon Foods is sourced exclusively from Oxfordshire country estates in England, which also supplies to some of London's finest restaurants, including The Ledbury and The Harwood Arms (Lonon's only Michelin-starred pub). 

The shoulder, flank and shin of the animal are used in this diced venison.

As a lean protein, this diced venison benefits from a long, slow braise in the oven or slow cooker.

Want something in a flash? Try the venison loins, which are perfect for a quick grill.

Due to strict labelling laws in the UK, all game meat sold (whether raw or cooked) must contain a precautionary warning that meat "may contain shot". However, please be assured that our venison from Oxon Foods are hunted professionally and examined by vets prior to butchering, and it is extremely unlikely that the meat contains shot fragments. 

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