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Mt. Cook Alpine New Zealand Salmon Individual Portion Skin-on

Product Description

*New Individual Portion* Specially procured in response to current high demand, this sashimi-grade salmon has all the great qualities of our other Mt. Cook salmon cuts – firm, and muscular with a clean, smooth flavour. 150g single portion, boneless, skin-on. Frozen.

Note: There is no need to remove the scales on our salmon as they will disappear/melt when cooked

As this batch comes from Mt. Cook's reserve supplies, the packaging differs from our usual Mt. Cook salmon.

Mt. Cook Alpine New Zealand Salmon is raised in the pristine, fast-flowing fresh glacial waters of New Zealand's Southern Alps. The strong, highly-oxygenated currents keep these beautiful fish fit, healthy, and lean. Find out more here.

While Mt Cook have tried to remove all the bones, please be careful just in case they've missed one.

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